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Abarat #2: Days of Magic, Nights of War

Judul Buku: Abarat #2: Days of Magic, Nights of War
Pengarang: Clive Barker
Tahun Terbit: 2007
Penerbit: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Tells story about adventure of a girl named Candy Quackenbush, who came from Minnesota, in other world called Abarat. Her arrival, without she realized it, have big effect for Abarat. She learned the crisis happened in Abarat and soon, gains intimations that she may be destined to conclude the crisis. the antagonist, Prince of Midnight, Christopher Carrion also believe that Candy is a major threat for his mission to rule Abarat, causing him and his subordinates chase her all the way. 

After ran away from Kaspar Wolfswinkel who tried to capture her, she and Malingo-- former Wolfswinkel's slave--start their adventure exploring Abarat. But shortly after they began the journey, they should evade from all Carrion's subordinates. Along with the adventure, they meet their allies: Women of Fantomaya, Geneva, Tria, John Mischief and his cousins, Finnegan Hob,and Tom. The facts also began to unfold: why Candy may be destined to conclude the crisis, and who she really is.

I read the first book: Abarat itself several years ago, when I was about sixteen..Whooa, it took almost five years before I read the second. Of course I had forgotten what is Abarat about, except soo many weird creatures in it. Until i finished  half of Abarat #2, i still forget what was the story of first book, haha. But oh well, because in Abarat #1 nothing happened (only discovery about Abarat and the fact that Carrion is trying to take over Abarat), I can still enjoy read Abarat #2.

I must admit that Clive Barker is awesome, for his hardwork made paintings for six years jus for illustrate this book. More from 100 paintings can be found in Abarat #1, and about 125 paintings as illustration in Abarat #2. Phew. 

Anyway, Abarat itself contains of five books. The third was published on September 2011. Still a long, long, journey... I doubt myself will continue to read the rest, consider I should be waiting for years. When the translation of the third book: Eternal Midnight, will I still remember the story of this book? When the fourth finally published, will I still remember the third? I wonder.

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Ana mengatakan...

Ahh I love this series too.. actually I have only read the first one, and I admire its illustrations too! They really are wonderful!
I read the first book when I at senior high school, and I am now a working woman (Gosh, time does fly!)

kanesty mengatakan...

Sure :) it seems the author totally hardworking to write this series..awesome,rite?

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