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Judul Buku: Need
Writer: Carrie Jones
Year Published: 2010

The story goes when Zara moves to her step-Grandmother home in Maine, after her step-father died four months before and she became what she called "die inside". Yea, the fact that Zara had drastically changed from active and cheerful to emotionless girl made her mother worried and decide to sent Zara to Maine.

However, Zara hated the idea and felt alienated, assumed that her mother sent her away just because she couldn't stand Zara. How Zara can like it? Snowy and sleepy Maine, so far from warm and lovely Charleston. Moreover, Maine is in remote area. She felt isolated there. Moreover, she starts to realized that there's a freaky guy stalking her everywhere, from her house in Charleston, airport, until here in Maine. Then without a trace, a boy kidnapped every week made situation in Maine even more tense.

With her friends, Issie, Devyn, and somehow-developed-into-crush Nick, she start to observe and investigate who's her stalker. So surprised she is when she found out that her stalker might be not human, but a creature called pixie. What is a pixie? why it left gold dust as trace? Is it like Tinker Bell?
The answer is: No, it isn't.


The main character, Zara, unlike others. She is pretty yet a weirdo, made her not-so-popular in her society but enough to attract boy to like her. Well, by obsessed with International Amnesty and having collecting list variety of phobia as hobby (sounds interesting, though), enough to call her weirdo. First time I guessed her as little girl, maybe 11-12 years because of her childish features (the writer didn't give enough description in the beginning). However, these kind of thing (phobia list i mean) is rare to find so I collected her list: 

Phobophobia: Ketakutan akan fobia
Mnemophobia :ketakutan akan kenangan
cheima,frigophobia: Ketakutan akan suhu dingin
didaskaleinophobia: Ketakutan akan pergi ke sekolah
auroraphobia: Ketakutan akan aurora kutub utara
autodysomophobia: Ketakutan akan orang yg berbau masam
automatonophobia: Ketakutan akan boneka ventriloqust, ahli bicara perut
automysophobia: Ketakutan akan sesuatu yg kotor
autophobia: Ketakutan akan diri sendiri

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